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The portfolio is the key component of investment planning that can help you reach your goals depending on how much risk you’re willing to take on and how soon you hope to reach them. Whether you’re planning for retirement, building generational wealth, saving for a child’s education, or something else, the types of assets your portfolio includes will affect how much it can gain or lose—and how long it takes to achieve your goal.

Portfolio Design

Investment Planning with equities and fixed income assets in mutual funds provide expertise and diversification.


Financial RoadMap

The FRM is the starting point to understanding your propensity for risk.


Risk Tolerance

Using technology and old fashion conversation to determine risk tolerance.


Investment Execution

Partnering with Betterment we constantly monitor your portfolio.

What Could Go Into a Portfolio?


Can be used right away and carries very little risk when compared to other asset classes. 


Represent shares of a company, and they tend to be more volatile. Their value fluctuates significantly with the market. More stocks means more potential gains, and more potential losses.


Are like owning shares of a loan whether made directly to companies or governments. They tend to be more stable than stocks. There’s less potential for gain over time, but less risk, too.

Exchange traded funds

Are similar to mutual funds in composition–they’re both professionally-curated groupings of individual stocks or bonds–but ETFs have some key differences. They can be bought and sold throughout the day, just like stocks—which often makes them better for tax-loss harvesting. They also typically have lower fees as well.

Mutual Funds

Are like bundles of assets. It’s a portfolio-in-a-box. Stocks. Bonds. Commodities. Real estate. Alternative assets. The works. For a fee, investors like you can buy into a professionally managed portfolio.

Peter Catalano

The Power of Betterment

Before the advancement of technology, stocks and bonds were individually selected by stock brokers. Mutual Funds arrived on the market to provide expertise, fee reduction and diversification. Technology has advanced creating “Robo Advisors”.

Efficiencies in the markets and ability of program trading has given consumers a low cost avenue to investing. Betterment is a trading and investment platform Catalano Financial partners with to give clients the best opportunity for growth and diversification.

Contact Peter to discuss a fee structure. The ADVII link at the bottom of the page fully describes the potential fees.

The Research of Fama and French

Markets are efficient. Simply put, information about a company is made publicly available instantly causing the price to set immediately. Founded in the 1960’s, Eugene Fama and Kenneth French have spent decades researching markets. Their research created the foundation for Dimensional Funds to become one of the most advanced fund mangers in the country and Worldwide.

Dimensional Funds

Betterment is one of the very few Robo Advisors who is able to offer Dimensional Funds. Catalano Financial has created portfolios within the platform for his clients to supplement the offerings made by Betterment.

Investment Planning