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Aligning your Money to Your Values

When it comes to financial planning, wealth management, life insurance, investment advising, Peter makes sure your financial house is in order every year.

Peter Catalano, CLU, ChFC

Peter Catalano started his career in 1992. He continues to provide financial planning, wealth management, investment planning, disability and life insurance planning and retirement planning. He is based in The Woodlands, Texas.


“Goals Always Change. Values Never Do.”

Peter Catalano

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Peter Catalano is a father of 3. Peter married in 2008 to Erin Catalano and unfortunately divorced in 2023. To say Peter loves his family is an understatement. Like most fathers, he works hard to give them the best chance at success.

Before marriage and children, Peter started his career in the Bay Area of California. Initially entering the business with Minnesota Mutual (now Minnesota Life/Securian) agency, Peter quickly added investment advisor to his offerings. In the year 2000, after the passing of a business partner, Peter joined LPL Financial. His business grew until 2008, when Peter made some changes to his life, i.e. got married! Peter made some changes to his business at that time as well.

At the time of Peter’s first born, Anthony, needed treatment for jaundice. When baby two was born, jaundice treatment was again necessary. Not to repeat a NICU stay, Peter found at home therapy treatment using a phototherapy device called a biliblanket. Being an entrepreneur, Peter and Erin created Bili Blanket Rentals. A very narrow niche business providing devices for the treatment of jaundice in newborns. The business still operates today.

Having a love for financial planning, and at the request of many family and former clients, Peter started again in the planning and insurance business in 2012. By the end of the year a new Registered Investment Advisory firm was created and Peter began helping people with all aspects of their planning.

The values bases financial planning model was created by Bill Bachrach. Peter spent many years attending training after training perfecting the delivery of services. Today Peter Catalano is one of the few Values Based Financial Planners in the country. His holistic approach makes sure a clients financial house is in complete order every year. From investment management, insurances, taxes, legal and cash flow, a client can rest assured these areas are in alignment with their values and goals.

financial planning
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